Getting Brainy with Octopuses and Kid’s Books

What contains underwater sea animals, growth and learning, and flawless grammar? The latest children’s books I edited for Brainy Connections, naturally!

Children’s books are among my favorite projects, because I remember how deeply I connected with my own books as a child.  There was the hoop skirt I made out of yarn and cardboard after reading Little House on the Prairie; the closets I compulsively hid in after reading the Narnia books; the famous 3.5 hour road trip during which my cousin obligingly read A Trip to the Supermarket on repeat.

On the other hand, I often end up putting a little extra pressure on myself with children’s books, because it seems so important to get it right. The kids are learning to read from these things — there can’t be any errors that might worm into their brains!

Despite the high stakes of taking responsibility for still-forming brains, I really enjoyed proofreading and editing these books for Brainy Connections — a really nice international group of people, by the way. Check them out:

P.S. Troubled by my use of “octopuses” instead of “octopi”? This video from the editor of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary may rock your world just a little bit.

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