Professional Writing and Editing

Attention to detail and a human touch make Darcy’s writing and editing stand out.  Take a look at what Darcy Higgins has written and edited for other organizations:

Catholic Relief Services Project Gift Catalog 2012

CRS Gift Catalog 2012

CRS Gift Catlog 2012 — Click to contribute to a CRS project and change a life.

The yearly CRS gift catalog provides a meaningful alternative for Christmas, birthday, and holiday presents. Based on longer reports from the field, Darcy wrote the descriptions of each project, helping donors understand the good work they’re helping CRS do. Visit the CRS gift catalog to give a gift of hope and read examples of Darcy’s promotional writing.

 Read sample project descriptions (pdf).

Read other articles Darcy wrote for CRS:    

Farmers in Burkina Faso grow for themselves

Simu Malu: Finding peace in East Timor

Travel Articles: and

Demand Media - Traveling to Vladimir From Moscow on azcentral

Readable, useful articles to help these national newspapers’ readers get where they’re going and enjoy themselves once they’re there.

Read them:  The PawPaw Festival in Albany, Ohio  at

                       Traveling to Vladimir from Moscow at

   Brainy Connections’ Children’s E-Books

Cover of Codley and the Big Storm, by Lisl Fair and Michaela Grace. Illustrated by Ismedy Prasetya.

Codley and the Big Storm, by Lisl Fair and Michaela Grace. Illustrated by Ismedy Prasetya.

Editing and proofreading prepared these beginning readers for publication by the online children’s publisher Brainy Connections.

What the client said:  “Professional, fast and delivered as per our requirements. Highly recommended contractor.”

Explore the books: 

Codley and the Big Storm — Together We Can!  by Lisl Fair and Michaela Grace. Illustrated by Ismedy Prasetya.

Codley and the Sea Cave Adventure, by Lisl Fair and Michaela Grace. Illustrated by Ismedy Prasetya.

The Beginner Series by Lisl  Fair and Michaela Grace, including: Animals from A to Z, Fruit and Vegetables from A to Z, My First Book of Sports and Games, My First Book of Food and Drinks, and My First Book of Opposite Words.

   African Media and Democratization, by Dr. Yusuf Kalyango, Jr.  

Cover: African Media and Democratization by Yusuf Kalyango

African Media and Democratization, by Yusuf Kalyango, Jr.

This book from Peter Lang Publishing addresses the egregiously  understudied topic of the role of the media in    democratic transitions in Eastern and Southern Africa.  As crucial support in the publishing process, Darcy provided background research, analysis of public opinion data, first drafts of several chapters, substantive editing, proofreading, and layout for the book.

What the client said“I also extend my deepest thanks to one of my research assistants at OU [Ohio University], Darcy Higgins, who spent endless hours in the library…Darcy’s work ethic and charisma will make her an invaluable global citizen.” — Dr. Kalyango, pp.xvi, African Media and Democratization.

Learn more about the book

Learn more about Dr. Yusuf Kalyango, Jr.


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